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Peter Törlind, Prof.

e-mail: nesto@ltu.se

naziv tvrtke: Luleå University of Technology
adresa: -
grad: Luleå
poštanski broj: -
država: Sweden

Peter Törlind received his M. Sc in Mechanical engineering 1996 from Luleå University of Technology, later he joined the Polhem Laboratory for research in Distributed Engineering. He received his Ph. D. in 2002 with the thesis "Distributed Engineering - Tools and Methods for Collaborative Product Development". He is now an Assistant Professor at the Division of Functional Product Development and leads a research group in Distributed Collaborative Engineering. Peter teaches several courses in CAE and Distributed Work both on graduate and graduate level. His core competences are distributed engineering, global product development, collaborative design and physical environments for collaborative work and authored about 20 papers in this area. Peter is also a co founder of Alkit Communications, a spin-off company from Luleå University of Technology which develops applications for high-quality collaborative work.